About Us

ZAVI is a mobile app for self-improvement and personal growth. Download the app and sign up for free classes, training courses, and events related to your interests -- from yoga to travel and everything in between.

Pursue Your Passion. Browse through ZAVI's list of free classes and courses. Save the ones that you like, share with your friends, then sign up when you're ready to take the plunge.
Explore A New Side Of You. ZAVI continually adds interesting new classes and activities. Feeling adventurous? Try out a new course or sport -- you might be surprised at how much you like it.
Nurture Your Growth. Like water does to a plant, ZAV keeps you hydrated with a stream of encouragement and learning opportunities.

ZAVI is currently available for users in Manila, Philippines with plans to expand it to other cities and countries.

The ZAVI app and business are a result of our commitment to five statements.

We spark the journey to self-improvement
ZAVI is a champion of personal growth. We want our users to reach new personal bests, discover new passions or nurture existing interests. We do this by inviting businesses and organizations that propel users forward -- whether it be taking on a new hobby, learning a professional skill or pursuing their entrepreneurship dream.

We promote a healthy lifestyle
ZAVI highly welcomes brands that promote a healthy lifestyle such as those that carry organic and natural products and those that encourage holistic wellness. In contrast, we will be refusing to accept businesses which can cause health issues such as cigarettes.

We support high-quality local products
AVI believes in craftsmanship and invites local brands with excellent products to join our platform. We want to highlight the potential of local businesses to produce superior goods and services which can match and even surpass those of international brands.

We empower consumers through knowledge and choices
ZAVI has features and initiatives that educate our users with their consumer rights. We also present them with a wide variety of brands and offers so they can make better choices.

We give a voice to worthy causes
ZAVI makes users aware of advocacies where they can make an impact. We give advocacies a free platform to promote their charity events and products, and users can make a difference by sharing their time and resources.

Mickey Jamias
Mickey is a Co-Founder and chief user motivator at ZAVI. When he's not cheering on people to take up a new hobby or learning course, you can find him picking the brains of ZAVI users to create a more wonderful app.

He would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, including new features, hobbies and products you would like to see on the app. Email Mickey at mickey at zaviapp dot com.

Mickey is a writer, editor and digital content creator. He has written for a top business newspaper, helped execute award-winning campaigns for a public relations agency, and continues to craft engaging content for companies and international websites.

He finished Business Administration in University of the Philippines with a magna cum laude distinction. He is also Editor of the small business blog, IndieMickey.com, and website content lead for the LoveYourself advocacy.

Nerubia Web Solutions, Inc. is a Web, API, and Software Development Outsourcing company that helps you build apps to suit your business needs. From systems analysis and design to programming, we transform your product ideas into awesome apps. From Web Applications to Mobile Applications to UX Design, we build your apps with passion, provide flexible options to accommodate your budget and a 5-star support to boot.

The ZAVI Nerubia Team are Jhon Arellano as the web developer, Aaron Augusto as the technical manager and mobile developer, and Tafline Ong as the project manager and QA engineer. Check out www.nerubia.com to know more about the company.