Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZAVI?
ZAVI is a dedicated self improvement and self empowerment mobile app that allows users to find classes, workshops, trainings, forums, and resources and related products.

How can my business benefit from ZAVI?
Being a dedicated mobile platform, ZAVI allows your brand to be discovered faster instead of getting lost in the clutter of social feeds that distract your potential customers.

We attract users that recognize the need to improve, grow and feel empowered which in turn may turn into your brand's loyal customers.

Is posting my offers free?
Posting your offers are free for the beta phase.

How do I start using ZAVI?
You can start using ZAVI by creating a brand profile, which outlines and details the story of your brand and how can potential customers know you more or get in touch with you.

Completing your brand profile allows your potential customer to reach you based on their preferences whether it be on social media, messaging apps, email or traditional phone inquiries.

How do I start posting offers?
After creating your brand profile, you may now start creating your offers by completing the What-When-Who-and How details in order.

If you don't have the complete details yet of your offer, you may save the current section as draft and return to the offer when you already have the details.

How soon do I have to wait for my offers to be approved?
Offers will be approved within 24-48 hours during the beta phase. Eventually you don't need to wait for any approvals after the beta phase.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or issues?
You may email partners at for any questions or issues. For technical concerns, please email support at