Terms & Conditions

Welcome to ZAVI. ZAVI is a mobile app and website that allows businesses and organizations to post their offers, which could include promotions and products. We invite you to review the following terms and conditions prior to signing up and using a free account on the ZAVI website (www.zaviapp.com).

"You" refers to a business or organization and their representatives that are using the free account. "We" and "us" refers to ZAVI and its parent company, Promo Pal Digital Solutions Company, which is duly registered in the SEC.

Requiring proof of legal entity

As a free user, you will be required to provide proof that your business or organization is a legal entity. This could include SEC/DTI registration, Business Permits etc. It is our mutual responsibility to protect the general public and ourĀ users from fly-by-night operators.

Accuracy of information

You are obliged to be accurate and truthful in the information you intend to publish in our platform.

For Offers with tie-ups with Charities and Advocacies

You will provide proof such as the memorandum of agreement or similar documents to confirm the validity of their charity promotions. These must indicate that the mechanics indicated in the promotions are correct and are being followed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Proceeds given to the related beneficiary charity, foundation or beneficiary organization or group
  • Affiliation with the related beneficiary charity, foundation or beneficiary organization or group
Review and Approvals

We review and approve the brands that appear on the app and the website. We reserve the right to disapprove any brands that do not adhere to our internal standards. Likewise, we review and approve the offers that you intend to publish on our platform.

Removing Brands and Products

To ensure the quality of partners, we will remove brands and offers found to be:

  • promoting or selling counterfeit products
  • promoting or selling misleading offers
  • promoting or selling illegal offers
  • linking to malicious websites
  • violating the terms and agreements
  • lacking approval from appropriate regulatory agencies, particularly for certain products that require such approvals such as medical products, cosmetics and other similar items.
Depending on the severity of the offense, we may even dole out permanent bans for partners.

Non-liability for Non-compliant Promos

We will not be liable for promotions that fail to meet DTI requirements, including:

  • Securing permits
  • Disclosing the required information to users
As a responsible business or organization, you are expected to secure the necessary permits from the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Not A Marketing Agent

We are not your marketing agent. You agree to absolve us from any liability arising from misleading promotions, as assessed by regulatory government agencies including but not limited to the Department of Trade and Industry that will be posted on your free account.

Reckless Behavior of Collaborators

We are not responsible or liable for damages resulting from the reckless actions performed by collaborators approved to be part of your brand, such as deletion of offers and publishing of inaccurate information.

Data Collection

As you use and publish your offers in our platform, we will be collecting data that will be used to generate analytics for your account and will help us optimize the service for you, other partners and users.

Occasionally, we will use the data we collect to publish insights and learnings in the form of infographics, blog posts, newsletters, presentations, case studies, and other similar outputs. To protect your privacy, the data we collect will presented in aggregate form. In case, we need to present information specific to your brand, we will seek your consent.